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Grinding Timing And Precautions Of Circular Saw Blades (1)

Aug. 26, 2021

the circular saw blade

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The circular saw blade is not a disposable product. Generally speaking, the saw blade grinding can be repaired 2-3 times. This is also a more important process. If the circular saw blade is finely ground, its effect is no less than that of a new saw blade.  

Judgment of the timing of grinding

1. Excessive smoke

When the carbide saw blade cuts the workpiece, due to friction, a certain amount of smoke will be generated, which will be light under normal circumstances. If there is a pungent smell or the smoke is too thick, it is probably because the saw teeth are not sharp. , Need to be replaced and reground.

2. Abnormal sound

Under normal circumstances, the sound when the saw blade cuts the workpiece is relatively uniform and no noise. But one day when the sound is too loud or abnormal when sawing, it should be checked immediately. If there is no equipment and other problems, it can be used as a basis for replacing the saw blade for grinding. 

3. Parameter judgment

Most of the current equipment has touch screen operation, including parameter setting. Carbide saw blades have a certain cut-off square number. You can watch the sawing progress to determine whether it needs to be replaced. There is also the viewing edge, which is generally not less than 0.2mm. Reasonable maintenance of cemented carbide saw blades is more conducive to the control of enterprise costs and the quality of equipment. 

4. The workpiece has burrs

Under normal circumstances, the burrs of the cut-off workpiece will be less or easily removed. If you find that there are too many burrs or blowouts that are difficult to remove, you should consider whether the saw blade needs to be replaced. It is worth noting that when some high-end equipment cuts off, under normal circumstances, there is no glitch. If there are burrs, it must be a problem with the saw blade.

5. Excessive consumption

This is easy to judge. There are certain statistics during normal sawing operations. If you find excessive material loss, you should check everything. Most of the problems are caused by carbide saw blades. 

6. The quality of the cut out workpiece

During the cutting process of the equipment, the condition of the carbide saw blade can be judged from the sawed workpiece. If you find that the surface of the workpiece has too many lines or the sawing work is abnormally large, you can check the saw blade at this time. If there are no other problems, it can be used as a basis for replacement and grinding.

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