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Safe Use Of Diamond Saw Blades(1)

Apr. 09, 2021

Safe Use Of Diamond Saw Blades(1)

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All over the world, safety is one of the most important things to pay attention to. Diamond saw blades are revolutionaries in the construction industry. Like all revolutionaries, they must be treated very carefully.

Most accidents occur due to negligence in handling diamond saw blades and lack of safety precautions. Our purpose is to prevent this from happening, so we have tips for safe use of diamond saw blades.

Section 1: Personal protection, special attention should be paid

Prevention is better than cure, which is why you should wear protective equipment every time you operate a diamond saw blade. Here are some safety tips to pay attention to when using diamond saw blades.

In fact, 230 people get cancer every year after repeated exposure to silica. Silica is a highly carcinogenic substance that is produced when diamond blades are used on surfaces such as clay, ceramic tiles, stone, and concrete. In order to avoid inhaling this harmful substance, when you cut with a blade, it is strongly recommended that you use a mask or protective breathing device. You can also use a wet cutting system to control the diffusion of silica.

If sharp fragments of the material are cut inside, the eyes will also be blinded. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use safety goggles or protective masks correctly.

Long-term exposure to the noise generated by cutting can cause long-term damage to the ears, and it is known to cause partial or total deafness in some cases. Therefore, for your safety, it is strongly recommended that you use earplugs and protectors.

When you are operating the cut diamond saw blade, wear a low-flammability close-fitting clothing and a flame-retardant pad, which can prevent fire from breaking out and avoid traps of clothing in the moving parts of the machine.

Wear steel caps and non-slip work boots for you, you need to increase the foundation when cutting.

Section 2: You need to understand the difference between diamond saw blades

However, the use of diamond saw blades sometimes requires you to use different diamond saw blades for different cuts.

Not all blades are the same, this is because we have different adhesives, different cutting types and different materials to cut. Two important cutting types are dry cutting and wet cutting. Therefore, the cutting style of the diamond blade is the difference we are concerned about.

Section 3: Choose the blade that suits your job

So far, there is no blade that can cut all materials. Therefore, when performing dry and wet cutting, you need to choose the right knife and the right equipment.

The first thing to do is to learn the essential blade component, it will help you to choose a blade with the correct features for the cutting you need.

The next thing is to know what you want to cut. Matching the blade to the material you want to cut will increase the cutting speed and blade life. Its characteristics are the compressive strength, type, particle size and hardness of the aggregate.

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