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Segmented Saw Blade

Mar. 30, 2021

Segmented Saw Blade

Segmented saw blade is a kind of diamond saw blade. The segmented saw blade is used to cut various hard products such as concrete, floor tiles, blocks, bricks, marble, marble, granite, and rocks. Depending on the type of material used by experts, segmented saw blades are often referred to as dry cutting blades. The name is inspired by its dry use. They can be used without water because there is a cut or part on the edge of the blade. The cut/segment enables air movement and cooling of the blade core.

Segmented saw blades have a typical moderate to difficult bonding, and various applications (wet or dry) for bonding. Segmented saw blades can provide a fairly smooth cutting effect at high speeds, but cracks may occur. They are very strong, and they have a longer service life compared to other diamond saw blades.

Segmented saw blades provide the roughest cut. This makes them excellent in reducing granite, stone, marble, concrete, and various other masonry products.

The edge of the segmented saw blade is diamond-shaped. Their edges are separated by a small canyon. This feature is physically different from turbine and continuous diamond saw blades. With serrations, the saw blade has the ability to provide power cuts. However, this reduction is inaccurate. So when you need to cut suitable hard materials. Don't bother you with rough cutting edges, the segmented diamond saw blade is your blade.

The segmented blades usually have a medium to hard combination for a range of wet and dry cutting applications. Although these diamond saw blades can provide a relatively smooth cutting speed, chipping may still occur. Compared with other blades, it is durable and has a long blade life.

The life of your segmented diamond saw blade depends on certain variables. Blade quality is one of the important factors affecting blade quality. This includes the quality of the ruby, its concentration, the segmented bond (medium to hard for segmented saw blades) and size.

Different grades of saw blades show different diamond qualities. Higher quality diamond concentration ensures better performance of segmented diamond saw blades and longer service life.

Another important factor is the material you cut with the saw blade. Although you can cut hard materials, never use a saw blade to cut uncertain materials. You can cut the asphalt with a saw blade specially designed for concrete. Although it will quickly cut the asphalt, it reduces the service life.

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segmented diamond saw blade

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