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How To Distinguish Between Segmented Saw Blades And Other Saw Blades?

Mar. 17, 2021

How To Distinguish Between Segmented Saw Blades And Other Saw Blades?

The production of diamond saw blades is due to the diffusion of synthetic diamonds into the steel used. This makes them ideal for masonry projects. However, identifying and selecting segmented saw blades from batches requires you to pay attention to some characteristics and distinguish them from other saw blades. Other diamond saw blades include continuous saw blades and turbine saw blades.

Continuous diamond saw blade: This type of diamond saw blade has no teeth. Which main feature is different from segmented diamond saw blades? Continuous diamond saw blades are specially used for cutting ceramic tile materials. Therefore, it is generally not effective or suitable for cutting concrete or masonry materials.

Turbo diamond saw blades: Physically, these saw blades are more similar to continuous diamond saw blades rather than segmented diamond saw blades. Turbo saw blades also have no teeth. However, their edges are jagged. This gives them more raw cutting capabilities. This feature allows them to alternately use materials, segmented saw blades are also suitable.

The segmented saw blade has a diamond-shaped edge. The edges are separated by a small canyon. This feature is physically different from turbo and continuous diamond saw blades. With the saw tooth, the saw blade has the ability to deliver power cuts. However, the reduction is not accurate. So when you need to cut suitable hard materials. With rough cutting edges not to bother you, the segmented diamond saw blade is your blade.

There are similar applications for both segmented and turbo saw blades, the choice between the two depends on your preference. For slow cutting, but more precise and precise, choose a turbo diamond saw blade. For aggressive cutting, fast but inaccurate and precise, choose segmented diamond saw blades.

Cutting method of segmented diamond saw blades

Segmented diamond saw blades are mainly used for wet or dry cutting. However, they are particularly dry cutting blades. This shows the presence of the esophagus/slot. With dry cutting, you won't see wet slurry, there is no need to equip your saw with hose or water tank. This feature makes the segmented diamond saw blade a good choice for indoor work, ideal in a dry work area, or in an area where the enclosed water is uncertain.

What affects the life cycle and performance of segmented saw blades?

The life of your segmented diamond saw blade depends on certain variables. One of the main variables is blade quality. This involves diamond quality, concentration, segment bond(segment saw blades are of medium hardness) and width.

Different diamond qualities are manifested in different grades of saw blades. The higher quality diamond concentration ensures that the segmented diamond saw blade will perform better and last longer.

Another important factor is the material you cut with the saw blade. Although you can cut hard materials, never use your saw blade to cut uncertain materials. You can cut the asphalt with a saw blade specially designed for concrete. Although it will quickly cut the asphalt, it reduces its lifespan.

Turbo Segmented Saw Blade with Protection Teeth

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