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The Advantages of Diamond Disc

Aug. 11, 2021

Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. In addition to expensive jewelry, it is useful in many applications. The chemical properties of diamond make it useful as an industrial abrasive and cutting tool, which is why diamond is often bonded to many saw blades. It is often called Diamond disc. I’d like to introduce the advantages of the diamond disc.

Turbo Segmented Diamond Disc for Concrete

Turbo Segmented Diamond Disc for Concrete

When used for cutting materials, Diamond disc is most suitable for non-metallic, abrasive materials such as concrete, stone, ceramics and other materials that are difficult to grind.

The cutting method of Diamond disc is different from that of traditional abrasive or toothed cutting blades. They do not cut materials, but are more like a grinding wheel. Diamond disc will not tear and tear the material; on the contrary, the material is shredded by diamonds.

Long Lasting

For cutting tools, the bonding matrix is responsible for determining the hardness or softness of the blade, thereby determining the material to be cut and its wear rate. Diamond blades typically use a hard bond, which greatly increases their life span, providing several hours more use than lower quality options.

Precise Cutting

Diamond disc is used in various industries. It is used in everything from construction and masonry to healthcare and aerospace sectors. Unlike the grinding wheel, the Diamond disc will not tear the material you are cutting. Instead, they gently grind it away, which has a clear advantage when dealing with more delicate materials.

The resulting cut is not only precise, but also free of rough lines or jagged edges. Compared with other discs, they produce less waste, so they are ideal for processing high-value materials.

Welded Spot Diamond Disc for Granite (Normal/Silent Body )

Welded Spot Diamond Disc for Granite (Normal/Silent Body )


Although the initial cost of the Diamond disc is higher than that of the grinding wheel, its unparalleled accuracy is not only very suitable for clean finished products, but also can save a lot of material waste. Because they are very durable and easy to re-plating, Diamond discs will last longer than cheaper other discs and save you replacement costs. Similarly, their accuracy and ease of use can also save you cutting time and allow you to take on extra work.

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