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Turbo Diamond Blade

Jun. 28, 2021

Turbo Diamond Blade

As the name implies, the continuous diamond blade has a continuous edge and has a softer binder to provide free cutting with harder materials such as tiles, granite, glass, stone, and porcelain. But that being said, it belongs to the category of wet cutting, because it needs to provide water or other suitable coolant to cool the blade and increase the life of the blade.

But these two segmented diamond blades can be used for dry and wet applications, and have a medium-hard bond. If so, what are the differences between them? Let us illustrate these differences with examples:

Rim style: Segmented diamond blades have air spaces called grooves along the edges, and the corresponding blades have a continuous serrated edge. Grooves on segmented blades help improve air flow and reduce heat and mud emissions, while cooling holes on turbine blades can reduce heat.

Bonding: Turbo diamond blades have soft to medium bonding, especially suitable for cutting ceramic tiles, marble, stone, granite and masonry. However, segmented diamond blades have a medium-hard bond and can be effectively used for granite, asphalt, concrete and bricks.

Cutting speed: Although the cutting speed of the segmented blade is very good, the change of the turbine speed is definitely better.

Cutting quality: Both segmented blades and turbo diamond blades can provide smooth cutting, but the style of the blade may show the chip. Of course, when both of these cuts are analyzed in depth, when using turbine blades, a precise and clean cut can always be observed.

Lifespan: When the life of the blade is used as a qualification criterion, a segmented diamond blade can easily be considered a clear winner.

Size: Again, this is a segmented diamond wheel that easily surpasses the turbo, because the latter usually uses a diameter of 14 inches, but the former can even reach 72 inches!

Application: When segmented blades are used for masonry, circular and concrete saws, turbo diamond blades find applications in grinders, tile saws and circular saws.

diamond saw blades

Diamond saw blades

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