• Protection Teeth Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete

Protection Teeth Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete

Product Description

Diamond Saw Blade Description

The general saw must be equipped with a diamond saw blade, because it is strong enough to cut through very dense and hard concrete and granite. There are many types of diamond saw blades with a wide range of uses, including cutting stone, concrete, asphalt, brick, briquettes, glass and ceramics in the construction industry. Cuting semiconductor materials in the IT industry, and cut gems in the gem industry, including diamonds.

Diamond Saw Blade Parameter


Diamond Saw Blade Features:

1. High quality grade of diamond 

2. Dry / Wet both

3. 75Cr1 body 

4. Hot pressed sintered technology and long servcie life 

5. Cutting fast and smooth

6. Accurtate cutting with small calsts 

Diamond Saw Blade Applications

Concrete, granite, marble, brick and other materials. 


Angle grinder, circular saw, masonry saw, table saw.

Different model can be customized as wish.

Our Advantage:

We are the factory, can adjust different quality according different cutting demand, including OEM. Now we promise all produce machines are most advanced level, mostly are full-automatic, another important point is we promise all raw materials are original, and supply by famous named partners.

Semi-finished Products

Semi-finished Products


Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete

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