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How To Make Your Segmented Saw Blade Have a Longer Life?

Feb. 22, 2021

How To Make Your Segmented Saw Blade Have a Longer Life?

Follow this guide, it can help you maintain the performance and life of the segmented saw blade.

Through what I said above, the use of segmented diamond saw blades works correctly. Some segmented diamond saw blades are usually multi-purpose, and some are made of adhesives to meet the requirements of specific applications. Therefore, if you maintain this purpose, your segmented saw blade will give excellent results and lasting time.

You can get the knife wet. Although the segmented saw blade is usually dry cutting, it is harmless without water. However, wetting your saw blade can increase its productivity and extend its life. Just like the popular saying, heat and dust are the enemies of the blade, but moisture can eliminate them.

You should not push your saw blade beyond its operating limits. By doing this, you might think that your work is done very quickly. However, you are reducing its life.

Also don't force the blade to pass through any material. Forcing the saw blade through the material will increase the current, burn out the motor, and overheat the saw blade. This can lead to premature wear and damage.

Install the saw blade correctly in the sawing machine. Avoid rotating the blade in the wrong direction. To do this, pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the blade to ensure the correct installation of the blade and the rotation of the blade in the proper direction.

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations. The segmented diamond saw blade you bought comes with a manual. This manual explains everything you should know about the correct use of your segmented saw blade to ensure maximum performance and safety. Follow this information and you will be fine.

The segmented blades usually have a medium to hard combination for a range of wet and dry cutting applications. Although these diamond saw blades can provide a relatively smooth cutting speed, chipping may still occur. Compared with other blades, they are durable and have a long blade life.

They are ideal for cutting marble and granite slabs, concrete, asphalt, bricks, blocks and other building materials. They have a wide selection of diameters from small to large, especially dominating the 12-inch diameter and larger markets. These diamond segmented blades are commonly used with masonry saws, concrete saws, and circular saws.

The air spaces separating the diamond segments are called grooves or slits. The existence of the groove is to improve the air flow, the dust of the cutting material, heat dissipation, and remove the slurry from the cutting, helping to maintain the cutting performance of the saw blade. The size and shape of the grooves varies from blade to blade and depends on the type of material the blade is designed to cut.

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