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Safe Use Of Diamond Saw Blades(2)

Apr. 23, 2021

Safe Use Of Diamond Saw Blades(2)

Make sure that the blade speed does not exceed the maximum speed. Make sure the blade is not inserted wrong, but keep it in the correct direction. Choose wet cutting and dry cutting, do not use wet cutting blades for dry surfaces, and vice versa.

However, before you use these blades, you need to check whether they are in good working condition to prevent danger.

Section 4: Different recommendations for wet and dry cutting

This is the bleeding of using the diamond blade correctly, but our main concern is the cutting style.

Dry cutting and wet cutting are mainly different from their welds. Dry cutting inserts are installed with segment welding to resist heat, for this reason, they do not need water for cooling. Wet cutting blades are used to cut joints, because they require water to cool, so they cut deeper.

Wet cutting blades cannot be used without water.

You can use a wet diamond blade for long-term continuous cutting. Never use a dry blade for cutting. Let it cool and avoid heating.

Don't force the blade into the material, forcing it will only cause more damage and heat the blade.

Do not use a wet blade to cut dry; do not use a dull knife to cut wet grass.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Always check.

Although all of these are important, it is also recommended that you ensure good daily maintenance.

Section 5: When you are ready to cut, you need to do an inspection

This is very important because safety will be guaranteed and many dangers can be prevented if all the blades are checked first before use. Be sure to check the following items before each use:

Cracks: Ensure that there are no cracks between the blades.

Missing part: This will slow down your work and pose a work hazard.

Wear and tear: Check that the risk of reducing the number of worn and torn blades before cutting will occur.

Blade damage: Any damage to the blade will cause you harm.

Checking all of these before use will ensure that you have little or no harm.

Section 6: Need to pay attention to the inspection and maintenance of the saw blade

Maintenance training is sometimes longer lasting for all the blades needed. Here are some tips for maintaining your diamond saw blade.

If the material is difficult to cut due to worn bearings, worn blade flanges or hard blades, and segmental losses occur, you should replace the softer adhesive, replace the blade flanges and working bearings.

If the blade is overheated, check the water intake and obstacles in the water intake system, and try to only use for shallow drilling, not continuous long drilling.

If the core is cracked due to excessive cutting pressure or overheating, replace the blade and use appropriate cooling techniques.

Diamond saw blades are reliable blades for effectively cutting any material; they help give a strong, seamless cut to any document.

As mentioned earlier, diamond saw blades are highly technical and powerful machinery and should be handled with the care of experts. The safe use of these machines will reduce the risks associated with users. During operation, make sure you wear the proper PPE, use the correct blade, check before each use, and perform proper maintenance on the module to ensure the life and efficiency of the blade.

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