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Maintenance And Repair Of Diamond Saw Blades

Jul. 31, 2021

Maintenance And Repair Of Diamond Saw Blades

During the cutting process of the diamond saw blade, the segment and the cutting surface of the stone are impacted. During the long-term impact of the saw blade, the saw blade will experience impact strain. The main manifestation of this impact strain is the change of the steel body. Gentleness is the most obvious manifestation. In order to reduce the impact of the material, modern profiles deliberately reduce the bonding hardness. In the design of the base body, a more flexible alloy steel is used to replace the hard alloy base body. During this process, the saw blade will swing slightly, but if the cutting speed is well controlled, the service life of the saw blade can be effectively increased and stability can be ensured.

In addition to the impact caused by the use of diamond saw blades, heat loss is also a very big problem faced by diamond saw blades. The current method is to use running water to cool. Under certain sawing speed conditions, adjust the amount of water in the sawing process to ensure that the temperature of the diamond saw blade remains low. In addition to cooling, increasing lubrication is also a common process for saw blade maintenance. Stone lubricants are also used. This lubricant is soluble in water. In the cutting process, adding this kind of lubricant can cool the saw blade, and can also provide a good lubrication effect and reduce the heat in the cutting process.

Normal saw blade wear is the most common maintenance and repair item for diamond saw blades. At present, most diamond saw blades use high-frequency welding to combine the saw blade with the steel base. After the blade is excessively worn, the new segment can be replaced, so that the steel base can be reused many times. The repair of the steel base is a bit troublesome.

The repair of the steel base is a very tedious process, from checking the degree of wear to the final metal polishing, it has to go through many processes. Of course, not all diamond saw blades can be repaired, such as openings and breaks. Such saw blades cannot be repaired. The basic repair of the saw blade is actually the repair of slight deformation and wear of the saw blade. Repairing the center hole deformation and other places can generally increase the service life of 3-8 months, which greatly reduces the cost of the stone factory.

saw blade

saw blade

Of course, not all diamond saw blades can be repaired, because the material of the saw blade itself is very critical from the perspective of the polishing properties of the diamond saw blade. If there is no possibility of repairing the blade body material itself, then repairing it later becomes empty talk. Only saw blades with good material properties, toughness and rigidity, such saw blades can be repaired.

The maintenance and repair of diamond saw blades in the later period is a way to save costs, reduce the burden on stone processing enterprises, and increase the competitiveness of enterprises. This method is gradually recognized by people. With the development of the stone industry and the sawing industry, in the future, there will be better and more scientific saw blade maintenance methods. This is also the only way for the development of diamond saw blades.

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